Relay for Life Fundraiser...

I am donating this scarf to a Relay for Life Bunko Fundraising Event. I will be making a variety of purple scarves to sell to meet my fundraising goal of $100. I am walking Relay for Life in May.

Color: Gothic (darkest violet & black)
its really a very deep purple


homespun scarf no.5

Color: Spring Green (discontinued)
Size: 81" Length

you can find the listing here.



last weekend my family took a vacation to Disneyland. oh it was just what we needed to get away for the weekend. then i took last week off from knitting. i got caught up on my bible study readings & my book club readings.
so back to work knitting this week;-)


custom shawl...

a few weeks ago, I got a custom order for a shawl. my friend Theresa wanted a shawl. Her hubby picked the color. I turned out so well that my daughter wants one in violet and i think i want one too. It kept my lap so warm on these cold nights as i was knitting it. Its made with the Homespun yarn. This item will be made to order. It will take up to 2 weeks to be finished. convo through Etsy for custom order.

Color: fawn {discontinued}
its such a pretty color.
size: 24" x 60"