a new way to tie a scarf...

Today I learned a new way to tie my scarf thanks to Lisa Leonard. You can follow her directions here. But here you have it...
The Pretzel Knot

thank you Lisa...I love having a new way to wear my scarves.


gift for the teacher...

here is the scarf I knitted for my daughter's teacher.

color: Montana Sky

I totally love this color. I may have to make one for myself to match my blue suede shoes. yes...I have a pair of blue suede shoes.


Projects for myself...

Since I've been knitting, I haven't even knitted a project for myself since I was like 10 yrs old. So the past two weeks I made myself three scarves. All of these are made with the Homespun yarn. The first one is from the Holiday Homespun Collection of colors. I really love this yarn for scarves. They are super soft & cozy.

color: Holly
I finished this one last night while sitting in the ER lobby.
You can read about my adventures here.

color: Tudor
I finished this one last Thursday.
I love how the colors cascade into each other.
This scarf is a tad shorter than the one above.

color: Edwardian
I finished this one two weeks ago.
Again this one is a short one.

The last two scarves were made with left over yarn from a previous projects that I did last year. That is why they are a tad shorter than the red one.
My next project is to knit a scarf for my daughter's teacher and I gotta finish that by this Thursday. If I do, I may knit another for the teacher aide in her class. Praying that I can get it all done before the kids go on winter break.
I am planing on knitting my guys beanies for Christmas and a scarf for my daughter to match her new coat.
After all that, I will start posting scarves in my Etsy store starting in January 2011.