New Year's Resolution...

as a family we have decided to be more charitable this coming year. we have been blessed with what we need.
fist of all...i have decided to turn this home-based business into a Christian based store. What that means...for every beanie or scarf sold or made; one will be given to charity. i'm looking into a few local charities.
second...there is a blog button on this website "WORLD VISION" please click on it and find more info for yourself. i first heard of this charitable organization while i was at the Women of Faith conference. i didn't have the money at the time to sponsor a child but i came home to check out the website. they have a "gift catalog" section and in that section there are different areas of need like clean water, giving chickens & ducks, and they even have a section for children in the US.
so please join my family this year as we plan to help children ALL over the WORLD in need.
This is our "Compassion Plan for 2010"
May God Bless You!

* "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden
* "When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate."- Ann Landers
* "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."- Anatole France


3rd Christmas Gift set is complete!

vanna's baby yarn was used and the color is pink poodle.
this can also be customized to the color of your choice. the beanie would sell for $10 and the scarf for $10. this was made for my niece who is 2 yrs old.


2nd Christmas set is complete!

Homespun yarn...this color is "Edwardian"
this can also be customized to the color of your choice. the beanie would sell for $12 and the scarf would be $13

1 Christmas Gift all complete...

Homespun yarn used. Color is "Tudor"
this can be custom made with the color of your choice.


finished projects...

Multi-Colored Child's Beanie:

Multi-Colored Baby Blanket:

Christmas Beanies for my niece & nephews:

colors are: pink poodle, little boy blue and chocolate cake


8 weeks until christmas...

the holiday season is fast approaching. i am knitting beanies and scarves for my nieces and nephews. i am keeping open a set of spare needles for custom orders. it takes me about 2 days to knit a beanie and 2 days to knit a scarf. please contact me through my etsy shop for custom orders. and always my shipping is FREE.

i have finally finished the multi colored baby blanket and matching beanie. i will list those on etsy tomorrow.

happy holiday shopping!


no entries...no winners...

no one entered my blog giveaway. maybe i didn't hype it up enough. or maybe you just didn't like the prize...sorry:-(
i just thought maybe since we're going into october, you might have wanted halloween colors...oh well.

god bless


My First Blog Giveaway!!!

to celebrate the opening of my ArtFire Shop...I am doing a "Blog Giveaway"!!!
this month i am giving away TWO Halloween Mp3 Cozy's. They measure 3 1/2"H x 2"W. i totally love the fall season and can not wait for it to get here! i love the crisp morning air, the changing colors of the leaves, hay rides at the pumpkin farm and the smell of rain on the ground. Not to mention...halloween is my wedding anniversary!

So here is what you have to do to win this set...
1.) first entry...post a comment about your favorite thing to do in the fall with your family. don't forget to leave me your email address.

2.) second entry...blog about this giveaway...and come back and leave a comment w/the link to your blog.

3.) third entry...tweet about this giveaway...and come back and leave me your twitter address...(p.s. my twitter is set to private because really weird people were following me...if you know what i mean)

4.) forth entry...follow my blog

Now bare with me...this is my first giveaway:-)

CONTEST ENDS: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 (midnight California time)

just opened an Artfire shop...

today i opened an artfire shop. we will see how it goes. i list two halloween mp3 cozys.
Here is the link http://www.artfire.com/users/knittedgiftsbynicole


new listings...

Halloween Baby Blanket:

Halloween Ipod Cozie (black w/orange stripes):

Halloween Ipod Cozie (orange w/black stripes):

All American Ipod Cozie:

ALSO...just SOLD "Lil' Boy Blue" baby blanket yesterday. yay! it was my third sale...i love it!

P.S. Is anyone interested in a blog giveaway from my shop?? i just was curious as to how many people frequent my shop and blog. Let me know:-)


productive weekend...

little boy blue beanie (SOLD):

little boy blue baby blanket:

plum pudding girls' headband:


august back to school special...

FREE SHIPPING on ALL items in my shop!



summer break...

well in the past few weeks its been really crazy around here. my daughter was in three VBS' and the oldest had some soccer tournament.
so i really haven't had time to knit lately. i am still working on the two baby blankets. the little boy blue one i did add on another skein and the multi color is still on the first skein.
hopefully next week i will get back to knitting again since we are all done with camps.


just listed on etsy...

It's A Girl Baby Blanket:

yay!!! I finished my goal...the pink baby blanket. I will continue to work on Little Boy Blue Blanket and start another one "Baby Bright" blanket.


just listed on etsy...

All American Baby Blanket:

Pastel Yellow Baby Blanket:

Plum Pudding Ipod Cozie:

still working on pink baby blanket and also started a little boy blue blanket. hopefully the pink blanket will be done this week. that is my goal!


yay!!! a finished project...

...yellow baby blanket
YAY! Finished the yellow baby blanket! on Twitpic

newest projects...

...a pink baby blanket
Newest project: baby blanket on Twitpic

...all american baby blanket in red, white & blue

July baby blanket on Twitpic



...selected items in my etsy shop! Shop today for the best selections!

pink baby beanie...

is finished!! and it is one of my favorites. it is super soft. i will make a matching pink baby blanket just like the one i donated to grant's gift. i also finished four ipod cozies. i need to get batteries for my camera so i can post them.


latest projects...

Knitting 3 projects this month on Twitpic

colorful blanket for my daughter
yellow yarn: baby blanket to sell on esty
pink yarn: baby beanie to sell on etsy


newest project...a baby blankie

my newest project is knitting a baby blankie for an organization called Grant's Gift. it is the charity of the month for my rocklin moms group. please check out their website at grantsgift.org believe me it will touch your heart.

Baby Blanket:
Still knitting the baby blankie... on Twitpic


latest projects...

Beanie Hats:

* Zebra Print
* Rose Spray Print
* Pastel Yellow (Baby Soft)

Donations to Whitney High School Grad Night 09':

* 2 Ipod Holders
* 2 Ipod Cozies


^^^^^^NEW PROMO^^^^^^
Free Shipping on Ipod Holders & Cozies and Headbands!!



another beanie...

since i finished the beanie for my grandmother. i am working on another beanie. it is pink in color and i should have a photo of it soon to post. i will most likely make a matching scarf. i will post those to my etsy site. but of course i will let you know when that happens.
have a good week...


grammie's beanie hat...

Finished Grammie's beanie hat. on Twitpic

The Mother's Day afghans are basically taking me forever to finish. working with four skeins of yarn they tangle pretty quickly. even putting each skein in its own bag doesn't seem to work. so needless to say my mom and gramma did not get their afghans but it doesn't mean that i'm not going to finish them. i will finish my moms first. instead, i made them beanies to match the scarves i made them for their birthdays.


The Zebra Collection Is Here!!!

i hope you enjoy them. They have been listed at my shop http://knittedgiftsbynicole.etsy.com

P.S. The beanie is not listed. It's spoken for at this time. If you would like a beanie please let me know and I can knit one up for ya.

Next up...Mother's Day afghan's


what's knittin'...

well i finished the scarf and one mp3 holder for "The Zebra Collection". i am knitting the mp3 cozie right now and will start the beanie hat right after. Once I have those two items done i will post a group photo on the blog and list the items individually in my shop.
well have a good weekend...i'll be knitting away:-)


coming soon...

"The Zebra Collection" which will include Mp3 holders, Mp3 cozies, scarf and a beanie hat. Maybe an afghan throw (not sure yet):

beanie hat for my mom:

this is the knitted beanie i made for my mom. it matches the scarf i made for her birthday present. so much to do before mother's day. i am working on the new collection and in between that i have to knit TWO four-generation afghan throws for my mother and grandmother. i'm gonna be really busy, i will try to post the photos of the projects in progress.


knitted gifts for sale...

mp3 holders:

mp3 cozies:

little girl's headbands:

each item is selling individually. you can find them posted at http://knittedgiftsbynicole.etsy.com
"Click on the photo at the bottom of the page to take you to my etsy site"