latest projects...

Knitting 3 projects this month on Twitpic

colorful blanket for my daughter
yellow yarn: baby blanket to sell on esty
pink yarn: baby beanie to sell on etsy


newest project...a baby blankie

my newest project is knitting a baby blankie for an organization called Grant's Gift. it is the charity of the month for my rocklin moms group. please check out their website at grantsgift.org believe me it will touch your heart.

Baby Blanket:
Still knitting the baby blankie... on Twitpic


latest projects...

Beanie Hats:

* Zebra Print
* Rose Spray Print
* Pastel Yellow (Baby Soft)

Donations to Whitney High School Grad Night 09':

* 2 Ipod Holders
* 2 Ipod Cozies


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another beanie...

since i finished the beanie for my grandmother. i am working on another beanie. it is pink in color and i should have a photo of it soon to post. i will most likely make a matching scarf. i will post those to my etsy site. but of course i will let you know when that happens.
have a good week...


grammie's beanie hat...

Finished Grammie's beanie hat. on Twitpic

The Mother's Day afghans are basically taking me forever to finish. working with four skeins of yarn they tangle pretty quickly. even putting each skein in its own bag doesn't seem to work. so needless to say my mom and gramma did not get their afghans but it doesn't mean that i'm not going to finish them. i will finish my moms first. instead, i made them beanies to match the scarves i made them for their birthdays.